Welcome to the pint sized world of Los Angeles fashion!


Let’s face it, fashion isn’t just for adults.  From the tinniest tots pre-teens, everyone wants to step out the house looking FAB!  In Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, fashion screams from skyscrapers, with some of the hottest kids fashion designers.


And that’s what “pint sized fab” is about, putting the spotlight on Los Angeles based kids designs.  We look at the trends, the designers and bring it directly to parents – the buyers.  So, long gone are the days of cookie cut outfits, “pint sized fab” is showing parents how to be creative and stylish, helping children shine!


Why Los Angeles?  Well, why not?  The California Market Center is just busting as seams, with talented designers.  Many of which remain unknown to parents (again, the buyers).  So, our goal is connect the dots.  Close the gap of fashion stranger-danger and help designers showcase their fab gear to anxiously awaiting families.


Welcome to the world of “pint sized fab”.  It’s miniature fashion, done right!

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