Oh no, no… say it ain’t so! Back to School!

Here in sunny (rather blazing hot) Los Angeles, the kiddies are headed back to school.  While that buys moms and dads some breathing time during the day, it also is a very heart tugging time.  We walked our big boy into first grade today and it was a tear jerker.  All around us, there were these cute little faces, eager yet nervous for the day that was just starting to unfold.  We even stepped over a few strong protestors who screamed and begged not to go.

Oh the tears!

But going back to school is truly an exciting time.  And as we learned today, there’s sort of a rites of passage transitioning from Kinder into 1st.  It’s the first time the little princess or prince will be in an actual numbered grade level.

Ahhhh…. where does the time go???

Without a doubt, the first day (and week) of school is like a mini fashion show!!  For little dudes and divas, they get to show off their little personality.  Even those in uniforms somehow manage to show off their style and we love it!!

So cheers to moving up another grade level and best wishes for a FAB school year!

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