Growing up is FUN!

Each week brings a new, exciting addition to “pint sized fab”.  We love hearing from our readers and making this site as user friendly as possible.  So, thanks to a few recent comments, we’ve added some new pages.



We’ve added a few pages we know you’ll like.

  • PSF Directory: If you saw a recent post about a store a designer and want their contact information, it’ll be listed in the directory.  This will be a quick way to access information without going through all the posts.
  • Not in LA, but still fab!: Lots of times we come across great deals or fab finds and we’d love to include them on the list as well.  So here’s where you can find the scoop for the best deals or latest trends.
  • Word on the Street: As we grow, more and more people are finding out about “pint sized fab” and sharing the love!  So here’s our “news” area.
  • Contact Us: Well, simply said.  Here’s our contact information.
  • Advertise with Us: If you have a business the caters to kids, parents need to know about you.  And since “pint sized fab” is a terrific resource for moms and dads, here’s where you need to market your business!  25% of any proceeds goes to one of the charities we support (Autism Speaks or Juvenile Diabetes Foundation).

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