Smart shoppers choose consignment sales!

It happens time and time again – you pay big $$ for your kids clothes and before you can say, “Yo Gabba Gabba”, they’ve outgrown them! One of the greatest mysteries of the world (next to the missing sock in the washing machine).

While we can’t avoid the ever growing child, we CAN be smart about our spending. One great way to get the clothes you need, without breaking the bank is to shop at consignment stores or sales. Often, you’ll score new or gently used clothes for a fraction of what you will normally pay for them in retail stores.

One of our favorite consignment sales is the “LA Kids Consignment Sale”

It’s been around for a few years and easy peasy for consigners and shoppers.Over 3 days, shoppers can browse through hundreds of hangers filled with new or gently used kids clothes.  And this year, a little birdie told us a secret….

Women’s Shoes will be sold TOO!

So mark your calendars now for the Burbank sale and don’t say we didn’t tell you so!!  Here’s the details:

Sept. 20-23, 2012


157 W. Providencia Ave. Burbank CA 91052

VIP Pre-Sale Passes

Want to avoid the crowds and get fist pick of the merchandise?  LA Kids Consignment offers a limited number of VIP Pre-sale passes for anyone who wants to purchase them.  These VIP passes get you into the the private Wednesday evening pre-sale – the day before the public sale!!

Passes are available for purchase on the website once the sale dates and locations have been announced. Click this link to see which passes are available:

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