Candy Cane Cute!

My fondest memories of growing up include sneaking candy canes off the Christmas tree.  Now, with kids of my own, I’ve learned to hide the candy canes until the week of Christmas to avoid a run-in with the overabundance of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving desserts.  Too many sweets!!

But there’s no reason to hide FAB and sweet clothes from Sugar Babies.

Sugar Babies is on the “Nice” list!

Let’s see…. there’s the holiday performances, office holiday party for the family, caroling, dinner at Grandma’s, dinner at Nana’s, dinner at Auntie Jane and oh, a trip to see Santa Claus….  This isn’t my schedule per se, but I’m sure it’s inclusive of many of your holiday plans.  Surely there’s at least 5 holiday outfits that your kids will need before New Year’s Eve!  That’s why we love Sugar Babies.  Socks, hats, dresses and jammies, they have it all.

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