New Year, New Attitude!

As a parent, you may have jotted down a list of “I promise to…” resolutions for the new year.  On my list of parent resolutions, I promised myself and my kids to be more patient and try to cut out the fussing.  Yeah, I know…we’ll see how it goes.

But one resolution I know I can keep in 2013 is making sure my kids step out the house dressed to the 9’s.  This resolution isn’t for vanity sake, it’s because our kids are a representation of our family and our values.  How we carry ourselves is a direct reflect of our family values.  We take pride in keeping our home clean, our beds made, so why not take pride in making sure our kids have clean, cute (yet affordable) clothes.  And thanks to creative outlet of “pint sized fab”, I get to make the work easier for parents who are looking to do the same.

Glitz and Glam


So, let’s take a stroll over to Bel Air, where there’s a store tucked away on Beverly Glen  boasting some of the most fab clothes for girls and boys.  GlenKids is another one-stop shopping experience with rich taste and frugal price tags.  They have online shopping for those not in the area.  Sine 1994 they’ve provided everyday items for kids.  With GlenKids, I can surely keep at least one of my resolutions this year.

GlenKids  | 2944 Beverly Glen Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90077


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