HOLD UP one minute!!!

Tall, short.  Thin, plump.  Kids come in all shapes in sizes.  Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect fit for their precious bodies.  In our home, we have two tall kids, thin and slim.  They’re always in the 75% and up with their height and 50% in weight.  Genetics.

It’s easy for us to buy a bigger sized pant to fit their long legs.  Problem with that is the fit in the waist.  UGH! So most times their pants are too short and fit in the waist – OR – long enough but sagging off their tiny waists.

Not any more!

Cute Beltz has just solved our “long pants that don’t fit in the waist” issue.  No more sagging.  These belts can hold their pants up and provide just the right pinch of style needed to accent their outfits.  Tons of styles to choose from too!

Fab, just fab!

Check out the various styles.  These belts are sure to hold up to the fab test!

P.S.  I just love their tagline too: “Keeping one bum covered at a time”


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