Spring Forward!

Lindsey Berns 1 shirt 1

Ahhhhh!!!!! So, have you all adjusted to daylight savings time? No? Yeah, me neither…. But one less hour of sleep means warmer weather is on the way. And with sunshine comes lots of fresh new clothes to go shopping for!

This time of year is great for cleaning out those closets. Not just the hallway closet or kitchen cabinets either. Go ahead and put on your gloves and dig through your kids clothes. Make your piles of “keep”, “donate” and “chuck”.

It’s time for a fresh palette of clothes for you and your children. Even if you just add some important staples to the mix, that is good enough!

Speaking if staples, this week I was inspired by a kid’s line that thrives off of “staple” style clothing. Pieces that are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Lindsey Berns has an amazing Spring 2013 line.

It’s light, airy and just all around fresh! Heck, just diving into the Spring 2013 line made me forget all about the hour of sleep I lost this morning.

Vintage blue jean looks, patch works, the line is a home run. You’ll be able to mix and match tops and bottoms easily!

As a top designer, Lindsey Berns has graced top magazines such as Teen Vogue, Lucky and People to name a few.

Take a look and get to hopping with your shopping!

Lindsey Berns Children’s Collection

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