Hello beautiful…

TT78EI04PKBKI am a sucker for frills, bows and anything with glitter on it.  When I was preggo with my daughter, all I could imagine was the days when I would wake up and put together the most “girlly” outfits imaginable.  Don’t get me wrong, my son was equally a blessing.  But try to put something too “dressy” on my 6 year old boy and you’ve just declared World War 3!

My daughter on the other hand loves to be fancy.  She loves hats, loves stockings, twirling skirts and anything else that makes her feel like a Princess.

So, it’s no secret why I’m a big fan of the retail store and online collections of Twirls and Twigs”.

A Girl’s Dream

Their collections are draw dropping cute.  So many options too with mixing and matching.  Creative concepts for girls go beyond just putting a picture on a shirt of a doll.  It goes further than that – and so does Twirls and Twigs.  Eco-friendly and easy on the wallet, their collections feature well thought through clothing for babies on up.



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