Got a boy? Layer Up!!

I stopped into Blue Bird on Larchmont (LA) to cosign some kids clothes and toys this week and had a great conversation with the owner about dressing little boys.  If you have a son, surely you’ve experienced the feeling of looking through racks of clothes in a store and saying, “blah…blah…blah, these clothes are too boring”.  It can no doubt be challenging and seem dull.

But here’s a suggestion that I offered…. layer your boys and add a pop of color!  For instance, tired of tossing on a t-shirt for a boy?  Or, don’t want to put on a button down or polo shirt just to go to the park?  Layer up!  My son despises looking too “fancy”, as he describes it.  He deplores wearing button down shirts or polos outside of holidays.  So we compromise.  He wears button downs and a t-shirt.  A win-win for us both!

Here’s an example:


Layer these two shirts together, roll up the sleeves and pull out the collar for a great twist and stylish mix.  The shirts pictured are from Two Crows for Joy, which features organic clothes.  We love their lines for boys and girls.  But especially because we are keeping our eyes out for ways to layer up and have our boys looking cute, Two Crows for Joy has great options.


The pint sized cuties from Disney’s show “Shake it Up” are always pairing shirts and adding in pops of color.

So, don’t be afraid to shake up your little boy’s wardrobe.  Now when you walk into stores and only see one rack of boys options, while the girls have 10 racks, flip through the hangers and SHAKE IT UP!

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