About Us

You ever wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that just won’t leave you alone?  Well, that’s the genesis of “pint sized fab“. Late 2012, we received a little divine inspiration to start a “movement” in kids fashion. Being parents, we know all too much how dreadful it can potentially be when going out shopping for kids. Especially in Los Angeles.  Where to go, what to buy and how to cultivate uniqueness in your kid’s style so they don’t become a cookie-cut look of all the other kids on the playground.

And so came the birth of “pint sized fab“.

We like to see blog as a site for parents to go to and see the latest trends, designers or retailers around the globe who are doing great things in kid’s fashion. Beyond that, though in its infancy stages, “pint sized fab” has big hopes of stepping outside the virtual world and actually connecting parents with designers and stores. So, we’re planning fashion shows, viewing parties and more!

So go ahead and “follow” this blog (hint: you can simply push the button to the right of your screen) and check back often for our updates!

So spread the word, because SHARING is CARING!

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